Verge Pocket PC

To culminate a year-long internship, I decided to try my hand at a product using everything I had learned. This included mechanical, electrical, and thermal engineering, as well as understanding manufacturing processes, and constraints. At the same time, a balance has to be made of pushing the boundaries, so some of these solutions are just beyond reach. Ultimately, Verge is a product of dedication, and simplicity. No holes, just one minimal groove.

It's ambitious to claim a new device as innovative. We dance the line between what we know and what we think we know. One could argue that a phone is already the heart of our technology... but a phone cannot process to the same level as our computers. For this reason, most of us still use another device alongside our phone. I want to converge these two devices. 

The natural enemy to any PC is heat. Many times, we can evaluate the performance of a system based on the watts required to power it. Most smartphones run between 2-4 watts, and tablets from 3-8. Above that, laptops are usually 12 and above. Smaller form factors have a harder time spreading heat. Especially when a small size is asked to dissipate 12 watts of energy.
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