I'm Mauricio Romano, an Industrial Designer with experience in bringing products to reality and a passion to do it right. I’m an avid deconstructor, devils advocate, and all around design tinkerer. I push the bounds of conventional design to evoke novel experiences in people. This stems from a deep rooted love of products, and the power they have on our every day life. 

I believe there exists a frontier. This frontier is the cutting edge of design. With each generation, a new group of people will take the torch and push the limits, each time venturing further than the generation before. These people are explorers.
I want you to Imagine a city - as time goes by this city will grow, and the boundary line slowly creeps out in all directions. Each year, different districts push the boundary outwards, and as a result make the city larger. 
I see design as one of these districts, and I believe our role as designers is to push our slice of that frontier. This is our opportunity to advance humanity, as a whole. We don't design for the sake of designing, we do it with a purpose. Humans are creatures of tools; we have developed tools and will continue to design tools to improve our quality of life. That's what true industrial design is; uncovering the tools of tomorrow, and improving the tools of today. My philosophy is to be on the frontier, to be an explorer. I think design needs pushers, thinkers that will break the convention and question everything. To design until we've reached the root of a solution.
Let's push some frontiers.

Born in Mexico City, Mexico, Mauricio is a multicultural industrial designer currently headquartered out of San Francisco. He is an award-winning and internationally recognized creative,  graduating from Western Washington University's highly competitive design program. Here, he was honored as WWU's Outstanding Graduate and recognized as IDSA's 2015 Student Merit award for the Western U.S. conference.
With experience having worked in corporate and consulting settings, Mauricio's skill-set spans across multiple disciplines including industrial design, graphic design, branding, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, business management and making really great sandwiches. His hobby... is design. Tinkering with ideas and bringing those to fruition. Mauricio is restlessly creative and has an ability to find the magic in every project. Over the last year Mauricio has led the effort in launching the Aura brand to revolutionize the cannabis industry forever, giving him experience in hardware start-up culture and the nuances that are experienced on the path to market.

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