Time is a human concept. We create it, we follow it, and we live by it. It becomes one of the most overlooked, and underappreciated aspect of our day. We - as time readers - have evolved our own methods to tell time. Over the centuries there's been variation, but lately, the standard has evolved into two: digital and analog. Line and number. 

    I see the world around me in shapes. I have a condition known as synesthesia, where the mind makes connections between the senses that it normally should not. I grew up seeing shapes in the everyday world. Music, numbers, sounds, touch. To me, shapes represent something more than just form, they can be associated with just about anything. 

    The Geometry clock really epitomizes this sensation. With practice, one will be able to read the time just by understanding the triangle. Suddenly, a new meaning is created to one of the most basic geometries. 
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